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G+ 3C Outlet


G+ 3C Outlet


維修前須知 Guideline before Maintenance

1. 備份您的資料 BackUp Your DATA


Please back up your personal data andinformation, and set it up automatically back up in the standby profile beforedelivering it to the repair center. During the repair process, you have to takethe risk of data & information exposure or loss. If the information, data,programs and settings stored in the returned product or in the equipment of thereturned product, the risk or damage of loss, damage or disclosure cannot beheld responsible.

2. 請關閉「尋找我的iPhone」功能,並還原至初始狀態 Please turn off Finding my Iphone, andrestore to original state

關閉尋找我的 iPhone:前往「設定」>[您的姓名] >「尋找」>然後關閉「尋找我的 iPhone」,輸入您的 Apple ID 密碼,並點一下「關閉」,關閉後將手機還原至初始狀態。

Turn off Find My iPhone: Go to"Settings" > [your name] > "Find" > then turn off"Find My iPhone", enter your Apple ID password, and click "TurnOff" to reset the phone to initial state.

3. 備妥您的Apple ID或密碼 Prepare your Apple ID and password in case.

建議您關閉尋找我的 iPhone及備份資料。若不方便執行此二設定,將需要您提供 Apple  ID及密碼、開機密碼給予百事益夥伴,我們將會妥善保管 ID 與密碼,此資訊僅會使用於維修,維修過程中不會將隱私及個資洩漏。

We recommended that you turn off Find MyiPhone and backup data. If it is inconvenient to do these two settings, youwill be required to provide your Apple ID, password, and power-on password toBYTE partners. We will keep the ID and password properly. This information willonly be used for maintenance, and privacy and personal information will not beused during the maintenance process.

  • 若未關閉「尋找我的 iPhone」,需提供您的 Apple ID 與 ID 密碼
  • If you don’t turn off Find My iPhone , yourApple ID and ID password are required

  • 若未備份或還原至初始狀態,需提供您的 iPhone 開機密碼

  • If not backed up or reset to the originalstate, your iPhone power-on password is required

4. 外觀裝飾配件需自行保留 Please keep the accessory.


Please take off the crystal, sticker,screen protector, protection shield. Because of the

maintenance that we have to remove thoseaccessory. If the decorative accessories are damaged during the inspection ormaintenance process, we will not be liable for any compensation. 

5. 當日完修條件 RepairCompleted

根據您 iPhone 的機況及問題點,能否於當日完成快修服務,須至現場判定維修方式及所需零件庫存,若無法完成會再與您通知。

According to the condition of your iPhoneand the problem, whether repair service can be completed on the same day, mustgo to the site to check the repair method and the inventory of the requiredparts. If it cannot be completed, you will be notified again.